Notes on Development

  • The primary use of this library is in our compiler of the Schemik programming language and the development of this library is driven by requirements of this compiler. Nevertheless, MyJIT is a general purpose library and its functionality is not limited.
  • The library is almost complete and each release undergoes extensive testing (hundreds of tests), therefore, we hope there are no serious bugs. If you found any, please, let us know.
  • Despite the fact that the library is almost complete, it is still under development and the API may slightly (but not much) change in the near future.
  • Only the i386, AMD64, and SPARC platforms are supported right now, however, port to other architecture should be easy and straightforward.
  • At this moment, MyJIT has support for floating point arithmetics. However, i386 port supports only processors having SSE2 unit, i.e., floating-point operations won't work on legacy CPUs without this unit.
  • If you are using this library or if you want to contribute some code (e.g., port to some architecture), please, let us know.
  • The documentation lacks information on internals of MyJIT. This is purely intentional because the library is still developed. We expect that the quality of the documentation will improve with the maturity of the project. If in doubts, ask in the mailing list ( If you would like to participate on documentation improvements, please let us know, we will really appreciate it.